It's a long wait just to get busy

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

One of the best parts of my job is being able to take photographs. The problem is, it's also one of the worst parts too.

I always take too many photos. That's great when it comes to work. If I take a photo and someone's eyes are closed or they were in the middle of talking, chances are I've got another photo where they're not. It also gives us plenty to choose from when designing newspaper pages.

However, that habit has spread to my family life as well - and that's why it's one of the worst parts.

There are photographs in every room of our house. But that's not the bad part. It's all the photos that aren't in the rooms that have gotten me into trouble. It's the drawers full, the boxes full and the baskets full. I also have hundreds and hundreds of digital photographs on my computer.

When my children were young, I very tidily organized all the photographs I took into albums. Each photo was precisely labeled and neatly arranged.

But, over the years, the photos somehow began to outnumber the nice, neat albums.

Then, a few years ago, I got a digital camera. I was so excited - no more film to buy. And so I took even more photos ... and ended up with even more drawers full of pictures.

Then, when I got married, a friend gave me all I needed to make a terrific scrapbook of the event. There's all sorts of pretty paper for designs, different stickers and cutouts. I even ordered extra prints of my favorite wedding photos. I'm all set to make a great scrapbook.

Problem is, that was 15 months ago. And all that great stuff is still sitting there. In yet another basket.

Why is it that I can't get my act together and get busy?

I read up on procrastination and the reasons for it.

According to Psychology Today, procrastinators sabotage themselves and they actually put obstacles in their own paths.

The magazine stated that 20 percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. But my problem must not be chronic, because I don't do the things they say chronic procrastinators do ... I pay the bills on time, I file income tax returns in February and I start Christmas shopping no later than September.

Nor do I think it's that I'm avoiding a "fear of failure," as the story suggested, since the photographs are just for family fun.

But the good news, they say, is that procrastinators can change their behavior, though doing so consumes a lot of psychic energy, whatever that is.

January was National Time Management Month. I missed that one. Maybe I can plan ahead for October's Get Organized Day?