It's going to be a good summer

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By James Roberts

I'm done with summer, I thought. Sad thing is, at the time, summer was not even here yet.

It all started the Thursday before Memorial Day when my car died at the grocery store. In the nearly three minutes that I waited for someone to give me a jump, I lost 10 pounds in sweat.

I assumed my problem was the battery. Friday morning, with a new battery in place, my car ran like a dream - until my wife and I drove to the lake that Saturday. The car stalled on the way home. The battery was drained.

Despite the holiday traffic, we were definitely feeling the effects of heat long before someone decided to stop and give the sweaty guy with his car hood up some help.

It was too late to expect a garage to be open, and with the Monday holiday, it was going to be a long weekend stuck in the house. God bless the History Channel and VH1 Classic's 1980s video marathon.

I made a startling discovery during my few days without a car. I have feet and I can use them to go places without a vehicle.

My wife and I walked to a nearby store to test this theory. It worked.

So, on Monday, I had to walk to the courthouse to cover the Memorial Day service. It was a little hot and, as I was on the clock, I couldn't dress like the beach bum I was the day before.

I made it there, but one thing I didn't bank on was having to stand and/or run back and forth from one side of the Courthouse Square to the other for an hour. Photographers don't have the luxury of sitting.

Walking back home, wiping sweat off my brow every five seconds, my camera bag digging uncomfortably into my shoulder, I cursed summer. Soon after my declaration, I realized it wasn't even summer yet. I wondered how I would survive days hotter than Memorial Day.

Then Tuesday rolls around, and within an hour my car's faulty alternator is replaced with a shiny new one. I sit there in the garage's parking lot in my car for a few minutes with the air conditioner on high. Then I drive around town. Why? Because I can.

It's going to be a good summer after all.