Like it or not, alcohol sales have arrived

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By The Staff

If one particular issue would split the opinion of voters in Campbellsville, we suspect alcohol might be it.

The lead-up to this year's primary was about as tame as it could possibly get. Even though we witnessed way more letters opposing alcohol than approving of it, we suspect that there were a number of people who never really let their feelings be known until they stepped behind the curtain on Tuesday and punched "yes" or "no" on the referendum question about the sale of alcoholic beverages in restaurants.

We also suspect that if people really wanted to know about the referendum and what it might do they could have traveled to places like Danville, Glasgow and Elizabethtown - three towns where business has neither prospered to the level some predicted, nor sunk to the scum status others told us to expect.

Properly policed, the sale of alcoholic beverages, in whatever restaurants choose to do so, will have zero effect on the perception others hold about our community.

We understand the emphatic cries of some that we've done without alcohol sales for so many years, why start now?

Most Americans will argue their freedoms until one pops up that goes against their own beliefs.

Sure, people who would like to have a glass of wine or a beer with their meal can drive to a place, in another county, where it can be legally served. Point taken.

Approving alcohol sales here will not make alcohol consumption increase any more than defeating it will cause consumption to go down.

There is nothing wrong with moderate consumption of alcohol by mature adults. Most of the problems we see involving alcohol in our society do not come from the availability of alcohol in restaurants. People won't be able to eat enough to warrant continued alcohol service if the referendum is followed to the letter of the law.

The referendum passed. The majority got what they wished for. Let's hope we can all live with it.