Insight will be a winner this year

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

I am excited. It's nearly time for a new teen board to start work, and it's going to be an awesome year!

We have got a great group of teens for 2008-2009. And they're going to bring a new perspective to the News-Journal's Insight page. Several of them even have plans to enter the journalism field when they're finished with school.

There are five Taylor County High students, four Campbellsville High students and one home-schooled student.

And on Sept. 25, you'll get to meet them.

This is the fifth year for Insight. Each year, we've gotten an inside look at the world of Taylor County teens. This year, it will be more of the same.

As usual, the first teen Insight page will feature introductions. You'll get to see a photo and read about each of the teens and what they're interested in.

The 2008-2009 Insight teen board members are Campbell Bishop, Melanie Brockman, Ashley Burdine, Tearah Kessler, Jacob Lee, Morgan Murrell, Will Phillips, Paige Thompson, Autumn Vaughn and Hope Wigginton.

Here's a sneak peak at the board:

Campbell says a love of reading is important and that he believes teens would enjoy reading about places they haven't been and cultures they're unfamiliar with. He would also like to see stories on the teen page about how to be successful in high school and stories about school sports.

Melanie thinks that the relationship between students and their parents is an important one and that kids really do look to parents for encouragement and praise. She also wrote that many teens today have a tendency to try and grow up too quickly and she wonders why that is. She also included a list of topics she'd like to see this year's teen board address.

In her application, Ashley said she'd like to see stories on the teen page that deal with youth groups, sports, authority figures and teen pregnancy. She also said she learned personally this past summer how helping others makes one feel good about themselves.

Tearah said that she is interested in stories about how important everyday topics such as politics, religion, world relations and economic development impact the world as a whole - from a teenager's perspective.

In his letter, Jacob wrote about being "the new kid in town." He said he'd like the teen page to include stories about music, movies, YouTube videos and vacation spots.

Morgan says a "study section" would be a good addition to the teen page as well as some information about technology and the Internet. She also wrote that she's concerned about gossip and bullying and their affect on her fellow students.

In his application, Will said he is interested in stories about new developments in electronics, computers and video games as well as jokes and obscure sports. He says he believes readers will enjoy stories about topics they aren't familiar with.

Paige wrote that she is especially interested in photography and that she would like for teen page stories to focus on activities and events that would interest teenagers. She would also like to see teen editorials about local and global events such as politics and economics.

Autumn says that she first became interested in Insight when her older sister was member of a past teen board. This year, she wrote, she'd like to see stories about school dress codes, how music affects teenagers and how teens can help to fight society's problem with drugs and violence.

Hope wrote that as a Taylor County student, with both a brother and a sister at Campbellsville Schools, she believes she will bring a unique perspective to the teen board. She said she is also interested in writing an article about the importance of faith and the role it plays in her daily life.

I think this year's Insight Board will be one of the best yet. Teens today have so much going on in their lives.

We want them to know how important they are. And how we're willing to listen to what they have to say.