Industry news could come soon

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Officials meet for private discussion

By Calen McKinney

An announcement could be made soon about economic development in Taylor County.

Last Wednesday, Campbellsville City Council members and Taylor County magistrates met to discuss economic development.

Immediately after calling the meeting to order, however, both bodies voted to have their discussion in closed session, citing a provision in the state open meetings and records laws that allows governmental bodies to discuss some issues privately.

City Attorney John Miller said law allows such private discussion when the issue concerns a specific proposal and having an open discussion about the proposal would jeopardize the siting, retention, expansion or upgrading of the business.

Before leaving to have their discussion, Taylor County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers asked Ron McMahan, Team Taylor County's executive director, if he wanted to address magistrates. He said he didn't.

After discussing the economic development issue for about 35 minutes, the bodies voted to come back into open session.

Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young said there was discussion about possible industry development in Taylor County.

"That's pretty much where it stands at this point."

No other comments were made and the bodies adjourned their meeting.

City Council members Dave Nunery, Mike Hall Jr., Randy Herron, Patti Phillips and Terry Keltner did not attend the meeting. All magistrates attended.

On Thursday, McMahan declined to comment on the possible economic development.

"I hope there will be an announcement soon," he said.