The incredible shrinking city?

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City plans to appeal Census results.

By James Roberts

The city will formally contest Census results next month.

During its regular meeting last Monday, Council members agreed to appeal the results. The appeal window officially opens in June, and the city will have two years to file.

Released earlier this year, the Census 2010 results showed a drop in the city's population, while the areas outside the city grew.

According to the figures, Campbellsville has a population of 9,108, which is a loss of 1,390 people since the 2000 Census, for a 13.24 percent decline. Taylor County is home to 24,512 people, which is a gain of 1,585 from the 2000 Census, for a 6.91 percent increase.

Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young said it appears that the Census Bureau used an outdated map for Campbellsville that didn't include numerous territories that are now a part of the city.

Areas such as Pinnacle Point, Forest Hills, Faulkner Place and Vintage Village were either not counted as city territories at all or only partially counted.

Greg Tungate of Quality CAD Designs got a copy of the map the Census Bureau used and discovered the inaccuracies.

After the meeting, Young said it is important that the city appeal the results as the lower population could affect state and federal grant eligibility.

Young said he doesn't know how long the appeal process will take, but that he is confident the numbers will be amended.

"I feel very confident that we are going to go over 10,000, close to 11,000," he said.


Also on the agenda:

  • Only three of Young's four recommendations for a new Fire Department Advisory Board were approved by the Council. Young recommended Council members Sharon Hoskins-Sanders and Richard Jeter and community members Bob Buckner and Charles Shaw.

Councilman David Nunery asked to vote on each appointment separately. The appointments of Hoskins-Sanders, Jeter and Buckner were unanimously approved. Council members rejected Shaw by a 10 to 2 vote. Stan McKinney and Jeter cast the lone "yes" votes.

Though none of the Council members explained their "no" votes during the meeting, Nunery did afterward.

"I know [During the administrations of Bobby Miller, Paul Osborne and Brenda Allen], there was difficultly with Mr. Shaw when he was at the rescue squad."

Nunery said he simply did not want to re-introduce those problems into city government.

Young said he will "go back to the drawing board," and recommend a fourth member.

  • The Council repealed the previous flood damage prevention ordinance and approved second reading of a new ordinance. The new ordinance requires a permit before any type of work can take place on property in a flood plain and imposes a $10 per day fine for those who fail to do so.
  • Team Taylor County Executive Director Ron McMahan said he has been meeting with existing businesses, which have reported no layoffs or impending closures. Some have even hired, he said, while two are mulling over expansions. Taylor County's unemployment rate remains among the lowest in the area.

Still, highway access is a concern, he said, and it is important that the Heartland Parkway project proceed.

"I think rural America is in trouble," McMahan said, adding that Taylor County needs four-lane roads and easy access to an interstate highway. McMahan said the first question he is asked by potential employers is, "Do you have rail, port or interstate?"

  • March revenues ($549,362) are above budget ($499,282). At $6.85 million, year-to-date revenue is also above budget - $6.51 million. Expenses for March ($668,458) are over budget ($641,102). At $6.79 million, year-to-date expenses are also over budget $6.26 million. Meanwhile, Campbellsville Water Co.'s year-to-date revenue is over budget - $3.71 million compared to $3.54. Expenses are also over budget - $3.77 million compared to $3.67 million.
  • The Council unanimously approved appointing Darrell Kemp to the Planning & Zoning Board for a three-year term. Kemp replaces Donald Dabney, who stepped down.
  • Councilwoman Patti Phillips encouraged anyone who can to participate in volunteer relief efforts in tornado-ravaged Alabama. Phillips herself is going, she said. She has two brothers in Huntsville, Ala.