If you plan to have a say ... be there

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By The Staff

So, are you registered to vote? If not, you'd better be hustling down to the courthouse. You've got until 4:30 today to register or you won't be able to vote on May 20.

And, believe us, there are plenty of reasons to vote.

Whether it's the Presidential race you're interested in, the U.S. Representative or Senator's races, the State Representative's race, or the alcohol-by-the-drink issue, it's time to make your opinion known.

The Democratic Presidential Primary is a hot-button topic no matter who you talk to. Even Republicans have an opinion on that race.

The races for U.S. Senator and Representative are heating up, with an incumbent facing a serious challenge in one race and no incumbent at all in the other. There's the State Representative's race, with three Republicans to choose from. Only one of them will be successful and go on to face the Democratic candidate this fall.

And then there's the alcohol-by-the-drink issue.

Most in our community are going to be either strongly in favor of such an issue - or strongly against it. It's time to stand up for what you believe in.

Of course, only City residents will have any say-so. But, again, they've got to be registered to vote in the first place.

If you've moved since the last election, today's deadline also applies to you. You might not be too thrilled to show up at the polls on Primary Election Day and find out that you can't vote because you forgot to change your address.

In addition, teens who will celebrate their 18th birthday before Nov. 4 can also register and also vote in the May Primary.

According to County Clerk Mark Carney, the latest count shows that there are 16,790 registered voters in Taylor County. The majority, 8,290, are Democrats. The Republican Party has 7,796 registered voters, while 704 are registered as "other."

While the last Presidential Primary attracted only 10 percent of the County's voters, Carney expects more to show up at the polls because of the alcohol question.

But, you know, it won't do any good to have an opinion one way or the other if you're not registered to vote.

So be there.