Hydrant testing begins

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By Leslie Moore


Residents might soon notice changes to the city’s nearly 650 fire hydrants as Campbellsville Fire & Rescue personnel begin work on a project that is expected to continue through the summer and into next year.

According to Campbellsville Fire & Rescue Chief Kyle Smith, the purpose of the project is twofold.

“First, it benefits both the fire department and the water department regarding routine maintenance and ensuring that the hydrants are working properly.”

In addition to flushing each hydrant, moving parts of each will be lubricated and any defects will be noted so repairs can be made.

“Secondly, we want to gain information regarding the city’s fire hydrants pertaining to flow in gallons per minute,” Smith said.

Smith said Ricky Lile and Greg Marrs, two part-time employees who also serve as volunteer firefighters, will visit each hydrant and use a gauge designed to measure flow pressure. The bonnet and cap of each hydrant will then be painted using standards set by the National Fire Protection Association.

The colors and their flow in gallons per minute are:

• Blue: 1,500 gpm or greater.

• Green: 1,000 to 1,499 gpm.

• Orange: 500 to 999 gpm.

• Red: Less than 500 gpm.

• Black: Hydrant out of service.

“The color will allow the firefighter to glance at the hydrant and know immediately how much water may be obtained and allow us to secure an adequate water supply quicker at the scene of a fire,” Smith said.

Smith said the project is necessary because, right now, firefighters must begin flushing water from the hydrant before they know how much water it will produce. Once they begin the using the color-coded system, they will know immediately if they have enough water.