How does Santa do it?

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Local first-graders try to answer the question

By Calen McKinney



Christmas is just two days away and local first-grade students know all about Santa and how he prepares for Christmas Eve.

They also know how he manages to visit all the children in the world in just one night.

First-grade students at Campbellsville and Taylor County elementary schools were recently asked to answer the question "How is Santa able to visit all the children in the world in just one night?"

Their responses, printed exactly as given, are printed below.



Taylor County Elementary School

"He's magic."

-Reagan Sultzbach, 7


"The reindeer fly and he's magic."

-Emilee Gabehart, 7


"Because he's magic."

-Tyler Phillips, 6


"'Cuz his reindeer is so fast."

-Blaire Cundiff, 6


"Rudolph lights the way so all the reindeers go fast and I don't really know how the giant bag of toys stays in there."

-Micah Shively, 5


"Because the reindeers like to race and they go fast and he can get there really fast."

-Alexis Knifley, 7


"The reindeers go fast and they have magical powers so Santa can land on the roof and he puts the presents under the tree."

-Haley England, 6


"First of all, the reindeers fly. Then he goes down the chimney fast. That's mostly all I can think of."

-Blayne Dickerson, 6


"With a time globe. It's how you travel and teleport in one night."

-Ava Haffner, 6


"He has a sleigh. He has magic and the reindeer can fly. And if everybody believes in Santa Claus, the sleigh will fly and Santa will go down the chimney and give presents to all the children."

-Elijah Rogers, 7


Campbellsville Elementary School


"'Cuz it's Christmas."

-Daisy Wilkerson, 6


"Because he has really, really fast reindeers. And he has really helpful elves."

-Kenzi Smith, 6



-Colton Dykes, 6


"Because his reindeers fast."

-Riley Newton, 6


"Magic and speed. If it's foggy, Rudolph uses his red nose."

-Noah Leachman, 7


"Some have doors. And some people don't have chimneys. A lot of people have chimneys. I don't. We have zero."

-Keeley Dicken, 6


"Because his sleigh and his reindeer."

-Lillian Sears, 6


"With all the reindeers."

-Yoonbin Nam, 6


"He's magic. Oh yeah, one more thing. His elves."

-Carson Smith, 6


"He's magic. He's fast and he has a sleigh and elves."

-Rowan Petett, 6