How about those campaign promises?

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An editorial by the CKNJ Editorial Board


It's time for our local elected officials to stand behind their campaign promises. You know, those statements they made when they were all trying to get our votes?

They all vowed that they would do all they could to see to it that the city and county governments work cooperatively for the good of the entire community.

Now, let's see some action.

On Monday night, the Campbellsville City Council voted to reject the county's offer to take over control of the E-911 Center, which would leave the city providing rescue and ambulance service for the entire county.

The Council appointed two of its members - Randy Herron and Dr. Jimmy Ewing - to meet with county officials and begin discussions about possible solutions.

First of all, we question the legality of whether the city can budget for services outside its jurisdiction without financial support from the other entity.

Next, we also believe the county is mandated to provide that service to its constituents by state law.

Ultimately, we can't help but be concerned about what might happen if an agreement can't be reached.

Will one of us dial 9-1-1, ask for help and be denied because we live outside the city limits? We certainly hope not.

From where we sit, it seems quite obvious that the Fiscal Court couldn't find a better deal anywhere for E-911 and rescue services for its residents. Currently, the county pays the city $650,000 for both.

The county's contribution equals about half of the deficit ($1.27 million) and we feel that's fair. We challenge the county to find a better deal than that.

Regardless, city representatives have asked for a meeting with county representatives at 6 p.m. today at Rescue.

Let's hope everyone is wearing their campaign hats.