Horne is the answer

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By The Staff

Whether it was attending a business function, private party, family celebration or running an errand, it seems everywhere I went over the holidays I ended up in a discussion with yet another Kentuckian who is fed up with Mitch McConnell.

We now have a solution to the problem.

I was relieved and elated to hear that Andrew Horne has decided to take on McConnell for the Senate seat. Andrew is a good man with good common sense who has dedicated most of his life to his family and serving our country. He has a loyalty to Kentuckians that makes me confident that he will do a good job for us in the Senate.

As a mother of a soldier, I firmly believe we need more leaders that understand the true meaning of war and the real meaning of "Support the Troops," which to Andrew is not simply a clich. After researching and/or meeting the other potential candidates, it is obvious to me that Andrew Horne is head and shoulders above the rest.

If you have not had the opportunity to get to know Andrew as I have, I encourage you to start by checking out his Web site at www.AndrewHorne.org. Andrew is Kentucky's answer.

Laurie Wolberton