Holmes had a master plan for all of us

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By The Staff

The scoreboard is peppered with names and addresses. There were Masters invitees from Australia (9), England (5) and Spain (3). But there was only one player from Campbellsville. Ky.

J.B. Holmes has reached a high point in a relatively short professional golfing career - an invitation to what is arguably THE most prestigious golfing event on the PGA Tour - the Masters.

Not just anyone gets an invitation. You have to meet at least one of a list of 18 qualifications. J.B. was in by virtue of his February win at the FBR Open in Arizona.

Not often will the hometown we all share be on such public display. We've had people of significant accomplishment, but for sheer recognition and the feeling of accomplishment, an invite to the Masters must rank right up there.

Win or lose, make the cut or miss ... J.B. has the consolation of knowing he has about 23,000 Taylor Countians pulling for him. That may be little consolation and we may not know the ultimate outcome until Sunday - way beyond our Monday press deadline.

Adding to the buzz is his caddy, a hometown friend and fellow high school golf teammate at Taylor County High. Brandon Parsons took the job earlier this season and the results have been impressive, helping J.B. reach nearly $1.5 million in official earnings.

One can only imagine how J.B.'s parents, wife, other family and friends must feel. Well grounded in his youth, J.B. has mastered a game that has long baffled so many.

We're proud that he's proud to call Campbellsville home and afford this community some glimmer of success by the simple association. As his game progresses, there will be more successes, but the first Masters must be pretty special for him.

We feel like it is for all of us.