Holidays are a time of giving

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By The Staff

Someone once said: "The manner of giving is worth more than the gift."

And around this community the hearts are always warmer than the dead-of-winter weather.

The Holiday Helpline has ensured that nearly 400 families will have a better Christmas than they might have had otherwise. But the Helpline isn't taking credit. That credit belongs to the community - the one that is always so giving.

The Holiday Helpline is the brain center for groups wanting to assist the needy at Christmas. They organize information based on the requests they receive and forward that information to various groups where that information can be put to the best use.

The fire departments, Rescue and the Food Pantry handle the majority of the requests, but there are others who can use the centralized Helpline service.

We're fortunate to have the Helpline, otherwise some families might be overlooked while others could receive more than they actually need.

We're a giving community, if it be time, money, goods and services.

What it all means is that because of your generosity, there are families who will benefit from the charity of many of us in Campbellsville and Taylor County.

If you haven't given, but would like to - call the Crisis Relief Center at 465-0835. They can point you in the right direction.