Has the time come?

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An editorial by the CKNJ Editorial Board

The rhetoric continues ... or does it? There have been a multitude of discussions at City Council and Fiscal Court meetings over the past two months regarding the responsibility of providing E-911 and Rescue service.

It is safe to say that both sides agree that the current E-911 and Rescue service is tops in Kentucky and neither side wants that to stop. For a while, it looked like the two sides were coming close to reaching a settlement that everyone could live with. However, after action taken by magistrates at Tuesday night's Fiscal Court meeting, it appears that nothing has been agreed upon and we are back to square one.

Or are we further back than we realize?

The current agreement expires on June 30. Who will provide E-911 and Rescue service for the city? What will happen for those who live outside the city limits? What will the impact be on Taylor Regional Hospital's Trauma Center? Who holds the permits and who holds the responsibility? Who is going to pay for these needed services?

Taylor County residents as well as E-911 and Rescue service providers deserve answers to these questions and more.

In April 2001, a government merger charter was formulated. The issue was presented to voters and was defeated. The main obstacle was how the merged government was formed: the number of the governing members and how were they determined.

Has the time come to dust off this idea, come up with a better plan and let the electorate decide what the next move should be?

If a merged government is to be studied, the committee charged with doing so should not consist of current elected officials. We need to have a committee not concerned with re-election but concerned about the good of the community and all of its residents.

Has the time come for a change?