Gun-free zones

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By The Staff

Has anyone stopped to consider how stupid it is for a college, a mall, a church or any other place to hang a sign up declaring itself a "gun-free" zone? Is this not like an invitation to every deranged psycho with a chip on his shoulder and a taste for publicity and their "15 minutes of fame" to go in and shoot up a bunch of defenseless people?

People who would otherwise not be defenseless, at least not in states that allow citizens the right to carry concealed, as I am proud to say Kentucky is one of.

However, why should that right end at the mall, college or hospital door? Are our students, our church members, our hospital patients, visitors and employees' lives not worth protecting, too?

Time after time, place after place, these shootings are happening in supposedly "gun-free" zones. This is some of that feel-good, wishy-washy bull droppings that our government and news media like to spoon-feed the sheeple.

In the recent rash of shootings, the only one that ended as it should have was the one in Colorado Springs, at the New Life Church, where a church member who had her right to carry a licensed weapon ended the rampage of the demented shooter.

But there have been many cases over the years of gun owners ending shooting rampages, even one right here in Kentucky. When the student in Paducah decided to shoot up his school, do you remember who and what stopped him? It was the assistant principal who went out to his vehicle and retrieved his own firearm and held the child until the police got there.

In short, why would a person intent on murder obey a "no guns allowed" sign? Instead of stopping violence, these signs are like neon lights to these killers, saying "Come on in, it's like shooting fish in a barrel."

But what the heck, it makes us feel so warm and comfy, doesn't it?

Tim Perkins