Group seeks better health for community

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Public invited to meeting on June 19

By Calen McKinney

A local group has formed to help Taylor County residents improve their health.
Local health and other professionals have formed a Healthy Living Coalition to ban together to make the community aware of what can be done to become healthier.
Becky Nash, cooperative extension agent for family and consumer sciences, who is one of two co-chairs of the group, says it will coordinate community activities and educate the public about what it means to become healthier.
“It’s just a group of very concerned folks,” Nash said. “We just thought it would be a good idea to get folks together to talk. There was a need observed.”

Last week, 13 people gathered at a meeting, she said, including Taylor Regional Hospital staff, Taylor County Health Department staff and representatives from schools and senior citizens groups.
Nash said the group has met a few times to discuss activities going on in the community and offer support for those events.
“When we’re all on the same page, we can accomplish more,” she said. Nash said the group has also talked about health issues the community hasn’t catered to in the past.
“We have quite a few folks interested in cradle to grave healthiness,” she said.
Jackie Hodges, health educator at the Taylor County Health Department, who is also co-chair of the Healthy Living Coalition, says the group’s goal is to promote and coordinate all community events that are health-related.
She said people like to see change in a community in regards to health wellness and physical activity.
“The group is full of people that are able to make these changes,” she said.
Hodges said the Campbellsville and Taylor County community has wonderful health resources.
“But what we don’t have is people working together on these things,” she said.
To that end, Hodges said the group will work on assessing the community’s needs and work to promote activities focused on health.
“That’s gonna tell us what the community wants and what the community wants to see,” she said. Overall, Hodges said, the group wants to get residents more involved in physical activity and aware that there are resources available right here in Taylor County to do just that.
“Getting people moving,” she said. “We’ve got all these wonderful things.”
Hodges said she refers to the group as a physical activity and health awareness movement.
She said a similar group formed in the past but never reached its full potential.
“This is kind of bringing that back,” she said.
A kickoff event for the group’s presence in the community is being discussed, Hodges said.
Though the Healthy Living Coalition hasn’t set a regular meeting date yet, it will meet again on Tuesday, June 19, at 1 p.m. at the Taylor County Extension Office. The meeting is open to the public.