Gossip simply has no purpose

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By The Staff

Our state has made a name for itself on more than one occasion. Kentucky is known for its family farms, its horses, its hospitality and more. However, there are several other issues that aren't quite as appealing.

We lead the nation in the number of ATV deaths, prisoner growth and poor dental care. And, now, we're apparently leading many other, much larger cities in the amount of online gossip we participate in.

Haven't we got anything better to do with our time?

It's seems our families and our communities might be better served if we didn't sit behind a computer screen and spend quite as much of our time bashing others.

Our local school systems, we know, would more than welcome volunteers to come and read to children, help with activities or simply grade papers. And local civic organizations could certainly benefit from our volunteered time with all that they have on their agendas.

It's actually kind of embarrassing to know that the small community of Campbellsville has more gossip being passed around an online forum than a city like San Francisco, Calif. ... with a population 74 times Campbellsville's size.

A quick perusal of the Topix Web site (www.topix.com) for ZIP code 42718 shows a multitude of "threads" or different subjects. While several are positive in nature, or at least start out that way, more often than not the threads are negative.

The worst part is that it's all there, not just for Campbellsville residents to read, but for all the world to see.

We would think Campbellsville would want to put its best foot forward in this day and time. With all the complaining about the scarcity of good-paying jobs in our area, let's hope that potential employers aren't watching us too closely.