Good things happening in Campbellsville

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Guest column by Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young


It has been a very busy summer. We are using our resources in a most efficient way. Businesses are partnering to reinstall the security lights on the KY 210 bypass. After working through much red tape, the project has just been approved to begin work.

The city’s street department, the Campbellsville Water and Sewer Co. and Taylor County Rural Electric Cooperative Corp. will perform the work. Taylor County RECC developed a plan that was submitted to the state for approval.

It was not as simple as just putting the lights back like they were before they were removed. The requirements had changed. The number of lights to be used was increased along with the amount of the light illumination required to produce. The sizes of light base foundations have increased along with the amount of concrete to be used. These requirements have increased the cost to the city. More that 180 new posts and lights will be required to complete the project.

The state has just completed the resurfacing of Broadway and repairing old sidewalks. The total cost of the project was more than $500,000. The project was completely funded using state money and our community will enjoy the much-improved surfaces.

Miller Park’s tennis courts remodeling project is nearing completion. A new drainage system, new surfacing, new fences, new nets, new net post, new windbreakers and a new scoreboard will be in place and ready to use in just a few weeks. The total cost of remodeling the courts will exceed $140,000.

Campbellsville/Taylor County EMS Services will receive a new medic unit in a few days with the second new unit to arrive later this fall. The new units will replace aging units and fall in line with the replacement rotation schedule approved by the City Council.

The budget for vehicle maintenance was reduced because of the proven decrease in maintenance cost with the newer units. This is something that has never happened before - the unit is already paid for.

The new medic unit will be paid for with the savings realized from the restructure of rescue to the fire department.

EMS cost has dropped by 13.9 percent from the previous fiscal year and the income from department services has increased by 5.7 percent. The service run volume has increased with fewer personnel, and much credit is given to EMS staff.

In regards to the effort to continue to improve patient care, a new agreement has been reached with Taylor Regional Hospital for advanced training. Starting this week, paramedics will begin doing airway management training in the surgical services department on a regular basis.

• Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young writes a monthly column about city government. Contact him at mayor@campbellsville.us or 465-7011.