Good deeds and inspiring lives

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By Jameel Ziadeh


After living in California my entire life, the move to attend school in Campbellsville felt like moving to another world. After my first year in Taylor County, I thought I knew what this small town was all about. After this past semester working as an intern at the News-Journal, I learned more about this tight-knit community than I ever thought I would. I realize now that this small town is like a big family.

My internship taught me many things. I improved my writing skills, learned how to interview people and the importance of covering every detail of a story. But more than that, I learned that even in a small town, there are many people doing courageous and powerful things that impact and touch the lives of those around them. The internship gave me a first-hand look into the lives of some of these unsung heroes.

I met school bus drivers who touch the lives of the children they drive to school. I talked to a man who has run 40,000 miles, and a man who has walked 10,000. I got an up-close look at a true high school football rivalry, and a high school coaching legend. I watched a recovering drug addict share his testimony with local high school students who are sure to be faced with the same decisions that he was.

I got to spend time with the young children of the county. I watched as they used newspapers to learn how to read and write, and watched them create memories as they went trick-or-treating. I even learned how they think Santa gets all the way around the world in one night.

While my internship was a great educational experience, the lessons I learned from the people I met along the way proved to be invaluable.

I will be the first to admit that, when I moved to Campbellsville, I was slightly judgmental about the people of this small town and the different culture of the south. But this past semester, I learned that the people in this great town are truly selfless, giving and caring people.

While most people in the country have never heard of Campbellsville, there is a lot of good going on in this small Central Kentucky town.

I want to thank those at the News-Journal for giving me this opportunity and being so forgiving of the mistakes that only an intern could make.

But, most of all, I want to thank everyone I met along the way for sharing their stories with me and giving me a chance to give them the praise they deserve for their good deeds and inspiring lives.