Giants come up huge for Major League championship

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Take two of three from regular-season champ Rockies

By Bobby Brockman



The Giants, who finished one game behind the Rockies in regular-season play, took two of three to claim the Major League championship.
On Monday, the Giants rolled 16-1 behind the pitching of Gavin Johnson and two hits each by Kameron Smith and Dawson Cole.
The Rockies triumphed 13-4 in game two on Tuesday with Blake Allen getting the mound win and three hits from Tristan Reed while John Orberson, Arren Hash, Allen, Dillon Whitaker and Charlie Pettigrew had two hits apiece. Orberson and Pettigrew homered for the Rockies.
In the if-necessary tilt  Thursday, the Giants won 6-2 as Cole, who also had two hits in game two, got the win and homered.

Major League
Best-of-three championship
June 16

Giants (16) — Zach Lyons single; Kameron Smith 2 singles; Dawson Cole 2 singles; Austin Smith single; Tristin Faulkner double; W: Gavin Johnson; Rockies (1) — Arren Hash single; Blake Allen 2 singles.
June 17
Rockies (13) — John Orberson single, homer; Arren Hash single, double; Blake Allen 2 singles; Dillon Whitaker 2 singles; Charlie Pettigrew double, homer; Tristan Reed 2 singles, double; W: Allen; Giants (4) — Zach Lyons single; Dawson Cole 2 singles.
June 19
Giants (6) — Zach Lyons double; Dawson Cole homer; Jackson Antle double; Jimmy Russell single; W: Cole; Rockies (2) — Blake Allen single; Dillon Whitaker single, double.