Gas drive-off article lacked professionalism

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By The Staff

I want to let you know how disappointed I am in the lack of professionalism displayed in the article concerning drive-offs in Monday's paper. I am unclear to the motive or intended message of the article. Stating things like cameras don't capture plate numbers and police can do nothing without a plate number will do nothing to deter drive-offs.

I can guarantee you that there will be more people willing to take the chance after reading the false information provided. I am really surprised that such a reputable paper would print such inaccurate information. The CKNJ has just announced: go ahead and drive off with gas, you won't get caught.

I have managed the Gate Petroleum (formerly Fastrack BP) on KY 210 for six years. Occasionally, we have a brave soul that wants to take the chance and drive off. Guess what? They get caught!

We always have two attendants on duty, with one watching the pumps at all times. We have surveillance cameras capturing each pump as well as other areas of the lot and the store.

Drive-offs have always been a problem for fuel retailers and will continue to be until all stations are prepay only. However, this is a huge inconvenience to the honest customer and is avoided at all costs. But when drive-offs increase, police get overloaded and stations will be forced to make customers prepay or risk the possibility of going out of business. So in the end, the CKNJ did a huge injustice to the public by printing this article.

Please know that not all camera systems are of the same quality. Gas drive-offs at my station are no more of a problem now than they have always been. It is usually repeat offenders and we catch them and they then move onto to another station. Some things are better left unknown to the general public, i.e. police really can do nothing without a plate number.

Is this what we have to look forward to now that Publisher Richard RoBards has retired? Ever heard of social responsibility?

Jennifer Gribbins

Store Manger

Gate Petroleum