Frances: A worthy woman

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By The Staff

She asked nothing from anyone, yet she elicited smile, hugs and "I love you's" to everyone she met.

As we entered Campbellsville Baptist church, men and women would speak to her, hug her and say, "I love you."

As we went down the hall to the auditorium, everyone waved and said hello or "I love you."

As she sat through the service her voice rang out with the song being sung. She had a beautiful voice. She answered with an "amen" many times to points in the sermon. When the service was over, many people in the congregation swarmed around her to say hello, and to say, "I have to have a hug." The same thing was true in the community of Campbellsville; many people loved Frances and wished her well.

When she could not do for herself, many came to her aid. The firemen delivered ice everyday for Frances to sip because she had to keep her liquid consumption at a minimum. Others brought her food when she could not do for herself. Many came by two or three times a week to check on her. Some of her family checked on her and were as near as the telephone. Friends were plentiful because Frances was loving, friendly and community-oriented.

She was an interested member of the community wanting the best for this city of Campbellsville. Serving on many of the organizations such as Greater Campbellsville United, Campbellsville City Council and others too numerous to name, she did a huge service for this place she loved so much.

Campbellsville has lost an advocate for good but Heaven has gained a wonderful child of God. Frances Clinkscales - worthy is her name.

Lillian Clark