Former Campbellsville woman stars in 'The Bachelorette'

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By The Staff

Millions of viewers watched DeAnna Pappas, 26, formerly of Campbellsville, suffer through a painful, last-minute rejection by Brad Womack on the last season of "The Bachelor" - earning her the sympathy of women everywhere.

Now Pappas will have the last laugh as the tables are turned and she gets to choose from among 25 bachelors in her own bid for true love.

Pappas is back - and this time it's all up to her - as the fourth edition of the female version of ABC's popular romance reality series premieres tonight.

Pappas, a real estate agent from Newnan, Ga., meets 25 potential soul mates as she begins her own search for true love.

Pappas attended Campbellsville Independent Schools from kindergarten through seventh grade.

Daughter of the late Eva Pappas, her grandparents are Marshall and Opal Webb of Campbellsville. She also has an aunt and cousin who live in Campbellsville, Marsha Webb and Aaron Webb. Her uncle is Roger Webb of Morrocco, Ind.

In this season's premiere, "Episode 401," airing tonight from 9 to 11, 25 eligible men come from all over the country to try and win her heart.

Single dad Jason says a tearful goodbye to his 3-year-old son as he leaves to meet the woman he hopes will complete his family. Jeremy is convinced before ever laying eyes on Pappas that they are meant to be together. The bachelors arrive at the villa and are immediately knocked off their feet by Pappas, stunning in a gold dress.

As the biggest night of her life begins, so does the competition between the men.

Paul gives her a twirl; Eric greets her in Greek, while Jesse makes an outrageous fashion statement in florescent sneakers and a flamboyant jacket. As the guys go wild trying to impress Pappas to get the three "first impression" roses, Luke presents her with a pearl necklace, Jason asks her to dance, and Robert, who decides food is the way to a woman's heart - particularly since he's a chef - whips up a special crab cocktail in the mansion's kitchen and presents it with a flourish to the Bachelorette, as the other jealous men look on.

On the cool California night, Ryan, who candidly admits that he is saving himself for marriage, hogs a blanket as he talks to Pappas on the patio, while Spero chivalrously comes rushing in to offer her his jacket.

When only one "first impression" rose is left, the testosterone-fueled battle heats up.

Sean shows off his martial arts expertise with an exciting karate move, kicking a lemon off Jesse's head. Brian shows off his six-pack abs, while Chandler shows off his duck calling talents. But Paul, at his outrageous best, jumps into the pool fully clothed and emerges wearing only a tiny bathing suit with Pappas' name embroidered across the rear.

Tensions mount and sparks fly as the bachelors vie for the first impression rose. Finally, Pappas must eliminate 10 of the 25 men, leaving 15 to compete for her affections and, in the end, her heart.