Flu virus confirmed in county

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Man had swine flu, was treated and is now well.

By Calen McKinney

At least one case of the swine flu has been confirmed in Taylor County. The person who contracted the flu, however, has since been treated and is now well.

According to Amy C. Tomlinson, public health services coordinator with the Lake Cumberland District Health Department in Somerset, a Taylor County man was hospitalized earlier this month for one day to be treated for the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu.

The man's wife and one of his sons also became ill. They may have also had the N1H1 flu, she said, but tests have not confirmed that. Tomlinson said once a case is confirmed, all others who are ill around the person are assumed to also have the flu.

As of Aug. 7, Tomlinson said, all of the family's symptoms have been treated and resolved. She said she doesn't know how the man contracted the virus.

The wife, she said, was ill but did not receive flu treatment. The father and son were both given Tamiflu, a medicine commonly given to prevent and treat flu symptoms. The family also includes two other children, who Tomlinson said did not develop any flu-like symptoms.

Tomlinson said the family's illnesses were resolved before the start of the school year, and there is no need for anyone in the Taylor County community to be worried about contracting the flu.

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