Fast ForWord helps student who struggle with reading

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By The Staff

Taylor County Middle School began offering Fast ForWord software to students who are having difficulty with reading.

Each day, the students use games to build their reading level with Space Racer, which helps them distinguish the difference between two different sounds. Lunar Tunes is a matching game with different sound pitches. Spin Master requires students to remember words and where they appear. Galaxy Goal is distinguishing when the word changes. In Star Pics, students must match the word to the picture, and in Stellar Stories, students listen to a story then answer questions about the story.

All students' parents and teachers filled out a survey for each child at the beginning of the program, and one will be filled out when they complete the program. Each program is made to fit each individual student and builds on their own level at their own speed.

Fast ForWord is a software package developed by Scientific Learning Inc. The software is designed for K-12 education institutions and clinical specialists worldwide whose students are reading below grade level. Fast ForWord computer-delivered software develops and strengthens memory, attention, processing rate and sequencing, which are the cognitive skills essential for learning and reading success. Research has shown that the software provides quick gains in reading skills.

Fast ForWord software was purchased with funds from a WHAS Crusade for Children's Grant and the Taylor County Board of Education. District Education Technology funds purchased 30 new computers with headsets for the lab.

Now, 2 1/2 weeks into the program, Taylor County Middle School has 158 students participating in the program each school day.