Faith Column

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Peel back the cover and look a little deeper

By Fella Wilson

Alan Calhoun is a person with whom I can easily relate. We're both the kind of guys who can look back to recognize a great opportunity five minutes after it has knocked its final knock and gone next door.

Calhoun lives in Bristol, Conn. with his wife in their home, which they hoped to redecorate a year or more ago. They looked all over for just the right accoutrements to add that touch of class and "Martha Stewart-esque" hominess that they were looking for.

In order to pay for these changes, they decided to have a garage sale and they began to pick through their stored belongings to determine which would go and which could be used to gain the new look.

His wife showed him the mirror. Could they use it? No, he said. They had already tried it in every room in the house and despite the fact that they had received it from a dear friend as a wedding present, it just wouldn't work. Its proportions were perfect, but it had a blue frame! Not just blue - gaudy aqua-blue. Whoever heard of an aqua-blue framed decorative mirror? It just wouldn't look good anywhere. Why couldn't it be gold?

Into the sale it went. Its one-dollar price tag might bring in someone who had the skills to reframe the glass in something a little less blue. Most customers turned up their noses at the sight of it, but one man was interested. In fact, "excited" might be a better word. Sure he would give them a dollar! As the man paid for his find, Calhoun felt giddy at the thought that he wouldn't have to haul off the hideous mirror after all. 

But the customer was even happier as he said, "This is a great deal. Look, it still has the plastic covering on the frame."

With that he peeled off the aqua-blue protective covering to reveal the true frame, a beautifully finished gold frame underneath.

Wonder how many times we have met people who just didn't seem to fit? Their worth is seen as diminished because of their appearance or circumstances. Obviously they won't enhance our lives, so let's dispose of them by ignoring or rejecting them out of hand. We place a one-dollar price tag upon their souls. We determine that they are valueless.

That homeless man smells terrible. Let's avoid him.

The girl who sits by herself at school is a loser. Ignore her.

This baby isn't convenient. I'm going to abort it.

We must remember that every person we will ever meet, no matter how difficult, unattractive, socially unacceptable or problematic, is a God-created child who is deeply loved by the one who also created and deeply loves you. In his eyes, there is no difference. We may have to peel off the cover and look a little deeper to see that the soul beneath is actually golden. That takes time and effort, but it's well worth it.

Remember, you have never locked eyes with anyone unloved by God, and those loved by your Father should be loved by you as well. You're both quite valuable in his eyes. After all, look what he was willing to pay for you.