Fair ride malfunctions, riders stranded for 30 minutes

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No injuries reported

By The Staff


A malfunction on the Super Shot ride at the Taylor County Fair on Saturday caused 12 passengers to be stuck on the ride for about 30 minutes. The ride is designed to lift riders up a tower and then release the passenger compartment in an accelerated free fall.

The malfunction occurred while the ride was ascending and a safety feature caused the passenger compartment to stop at about 40 feet from the ground.

According to Mike Litchfield, president of the Taylor County Fair Association, no one was injured and passengers weren't in any danger. A news release from the association stated that all over-the-shoulder safety restraints remained engaged and passengers were safely secured in their seats.

The midway company, Miller Spectacular Shows, followed the manufacturer's procedures to safely lower the passengers to the ground.

The ride is in the process of being repaired and will be inspected by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture before it reopens.