Enough of the bickering

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An editorial by the CKNJ Editorial Board

Campbellsville City Council and Taylor Fiscal Court have taken a step … we just hope it’s a step forward rather than a step backward.

From Day One, it seems there’s been nothing but bickering back and forth between the two government entities about the future of Rescue and E-911.

Last week, the city approved an agreement that would give control of Rescue to the county and keep the E-911 Center under city oversight. However, they also included some contingencies.

Tuesday night, magistrates approved the agreement – but with some major changes of their own.

Now, the ball is back in the city’s court.

Will those changes — namely the city paying off a previous $175,000 Rescue debt and turning ownership of the Rescue property over to the county — keep the city from agreeing?

Even if the city does sign on, we still have other questions.

Will the city reduce its occupational tax accordingly, now that it’s not facing a deficit of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Rescue budget?

And speaking of the deficit … how does the county plans to handle that deficit? There are several rumors floating around the community, and the answer needs to be presented.

If the county couldn’t afford to pay $650,000 to the city to run Rescue, how is it going to be able to fund that same deficit when it’s on its own plate? Perhaps they should be careful what they ask for. Magistrates have said the county can’t afford blacktop, so just what are the plans for “affording” Rescue?

A taxing district? An increase in the county occupational tax? Just what are the plans?

Residents should be demanding answers.

We sure hope this ends up a cohesive effort, rather than yet another way to push the two governments even further apart.