Election filing deadline is Tuesday, Aug. 12

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By Calen McKinney


Those who want to become school board or soil conservation board members have just two days left to put their name into the ring.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 12, at 4 p.m. is the deadline to file as a candidate for seats up for election on the Campbellsville and Taylor County Boards of Education and the Taylor County Soil and Water Conservation District board.

Those interested can submit paperwork to Taylor County Clerk Mark Carney's office at the Taylor County Courthouse today, Monday, Aug. 11, and tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 12, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This year's General Election will be Tuesday, Nov. 4.

In the Taylor County School Board race, Districts 1 and 5 are up for grabs. Deanna Hunt serves in the 1st District seat and David Hall represents the 5th District.

According to Carney, both have filed for re-election. Jean Cheuvront has also filed in the 1st District race.

There are five county school board members. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th District seats aren't up for election this year.

In the Campbellsville School Board race, three of the five seats are up for grabs. Mitch Overstreet, Angie Johnson and Suzanne Wilson currently serve in those seats and all have filed to keep them.

In the soil and water conservation board race, three of the seven seats are up for re-election. Members Sophia Adams, Doug Martin and Marion Howard have all filed to keep their spots.

Carney said he has heard of someone else who might file for election to the soil and water conservation board, but that paperwork hasn't been filed yet. He said he hasn't heard of any others who intend to file in the school board races.

School and soil and water conservation board members serve four-year terms.

Candidates for the school board and conservation board seats could submit their paperwork beginning the last Wednesday in January. The races don't appear on primary election ballots.

To qualify as a school board member candidate, Carney said, residents must be a registered voter, live within the school district they are seeking election and be at least 24.

It's not required that candidates have children who attend school in the school district they are seeking election, but candidates must have a nominating petition with signatures from two registered voters living within the school district they want to serve.

For the soil and water conservation board, candidates must be registered voters and live in Taylor County. There are no age requirements for the race, though the age to begin voting in Kentucky is 18.

Those who want to be candidates for the soil and water conservation board must have a nominating petition with signatures from 25 people registered to vote in Taylor County.

If no more than the three candidates file for the race, Carney said, it won't appear on the ballot come November.

All other races will appear on the General Election ballot, regardless of whether the candidate has formal opposition. This is to allow for write-in candidates, Carney said.

If residents miss tomorrow's deadline, Carney said, they can still file as an official write-in candidate in the school board races, but must do so by 10 days before the election.

The same deadline applies for all races on the General Election ballot, with the exception of the soil conservation district. Write-in candidates aren't eligible for the race.

Only votes cast for official write-in candidates will count, Carney said.

Anyone who wants to change their political party or make any other changes to their voter registration, such as changing their home address, should do so by Oct. 6 at Carney's office.

The ballot for the General Election is almost set, Carney said.

Republican candidates will be listed first on the ballot, he said, because during the last presidential race, the majority of Kentuckians voted for the Republican candidate.

For nonpartisan candidates, such as those in the school board, soil and water conservation, Campbellsville City Council and mayor races, their ballot positions haven't yet been determined.

Ballot positions will be drawn at random on Thursday at 2 p.m. at Taylor County Courthouse. The public is invited to attend.

Election Series

Central Kentucky News-Journal staff members are in midst of planning a series of stories to help readers learn about the candidates in this year's General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

The series will begin on Sept. 15 and conclude with election results in the Thursday, Nov. 6, issue.

Only stories about the contested races will be published. Candidates in those races will receive a questionnaire from the News-Journal office, mailed to the address used to register their candidate paperwork.

Questionnaires will be mailed on Monday, Aug. 25. The deadline to submit responses to the questionnaires and a photo for publication will be Friday, Sept. 12.