Early Days for 9-5

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By Marie Cox



Sept. 4, 2003

Tebbs Bend is becoming known for more than just its Civil War history. It's also the place to go for a 3-mile flea market.

Edward "Bear" Barnett, 90, of Stone Quarry Road in Campbellsville, died Thursday, Aug. 28, 2003, in Campbellsville.

Lori Kaye Loy and Darrell David Davis will exchange wedding vows on Sept. 12.

Johnny Wheeler of Campbellsville took the victory in the eighth annual Pete Abell Memorial event Friday night at Legendary Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City.

Central Kentucky Arts Series and Taylor County Public Library will be co-hosting an exhibit on the music and background of the symphony orchestra and its instruments.


Sept. 2, 1993

James and Sallie Hunt of Finley will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with a reception Sept. 19 at Mt. Gilboa Baptist Church.

Brandon Skaggs of Campbellsville has been awarded one of three Kentucky Utilities scholarships to high school graduates entering the University of Kentucky electrical engineering program.


Sept. 1, 1983

The Rev. J. Thomas Johnson, pastor of Summitt Christian Church of Dayton, Ohio, will be guest speaker for the Durham High School reunion at First Baptist Church on Sunday at the 11 a.m. worship service.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Harmon will be guests of honor at a reception for their 25th wedding anniversary Sept. 11. The event will be at their home at 706 Melrose Ave. from 3 to 5 p.m.

Wilma McGuire is in Baton Rouge, La., this week with her daughter, Donna Berry, her husband and their new baby, Clara Elizabeth.


Aug. 30, 1973

Total enrollment at public schools in Campbellsville and Taylor County appears to be down slightly this year. Four thousand twenty-four students were reported enrolled at both school systems as of Monday of this week.

Taylor County has one doctor for every 2,449 persons, according to figures published in the Courier-Journal last week, while the state as a whole has one doctor for every 1,000 people.

Casey County News in Liberty is set to join Newspapers Inc., a chain of 22 weekly newspapers in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Harrison and Jason of Louisville visited Mrs. Dollie Dohoney at Medco Center last week.


AUG. 29, 1963

Ann Smith, 17, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith of Route 2 in Campbellsville, was crowned Miss Clinton County Fair of 1963 last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Stubbs of Route 5 announce the marriage of their daughter, Phyllis Ann, to Terry Lynn Gabbert, son of William Gabbert of Campbellsville.

Mr. and Mrs. George Callison and Mr. and Mrs. C.K. Bowen were in Bardstown on Thursday night to attend the Stephen Foster drama.


Aug. 27, 1953

Catherine Bowen, 25, had to have her left arm amputated last Saturday after being injured when her automobile turned on its side after it left the Long Branch Road and crushed her arm. Bowen was on her way to work at King's Department Store. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bowen.

Jane Mitchell won the Junior Championship in the Jersey breed with her junior jersey heifer at the dairy show. Jane also won championship in the senior class.

Dr. and Mrs. Oatley Dabney of Route 1 will celebrate their golden anniversary on Aug. 30.


Aug. 26, 1943

Doris Wolford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gholston Wolford, has completed her training at Deaconness Hospital and is spending several weeks here.

Hereford Franklin, 50-year-old resident of the Exie section in Green County, was killed by lightening Monday, Aug. 16. He was working in his tobacco patch at the rear of his store and filling station when struck.


Aug. 17, 1933

Avery Atwell, a youth of the Attilla section, was accidentally shot in the face and mouth by George Thompson on Saturday, while up in a tree after a squirrel. Thompson saw leaves moving while hunting and, thinking the boy was a squirrel, shot into the leaves. One tooth was shot out and another one hurt in addition to wounds about the face. Atwell is in a rather serious condition but is improving nicely.

Maggie E. Collins sold to Lee C. Cotton last week a vacant lot on Poplar Street.

Margaret Mae Sanders had a tonsil operation Tuesday in Dr. W.B. Atkinson's office. Sanders is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sanders of this city.


Aug. 16, 1923

Alice Williams, 63, died at her home near Elk Horn on Sunday. She was the widow of the late James Williams.

During the past week, W.V. Morris sold to Gowdy and Parrott 33 acres of timberland near Willowtown. The consideration was $1,250.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Mahan and three children and Mrs. Mahan's sister, Mrs. S.B. Sayre and son of Huntington, W.Va., left Monday for a motor trip to Yellowstone Park. The road map gives the distance of their destination at 2,000 miles.

Campbellsville joined the nation last week in a tribute to the late President Warren G. Harding when his funeral was at his home in Marion, Ohio.


Aug. 14, 1913

T.B. King was awarded a contract for putting down a concrete walk across the L&N Railroad Co.'s property from the wholesale grocery establishment of G.V. Gowdy's Co. to connect with the walk at Buckhorn Bridge.

The appointment of Fred Faulkner as road engineer of Taylor County made by Judge E.N. Tucker was confirmed at special session of the fiscal court and his salary was fixed at $500 a year.

Fine watermelons have been on the market this year, some weighing as much as 47 pounds.