A dream comes true

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By Calen McKinney


The building will soon be bare, the stories it once held packed for safekeeping.

The Taylor County Public Library is moving. I’m thrilled at the news, but also saddened.

I grew up at the library, literally. As a child, I went to the library at least once a week.

I learned to appreciate reading from my parents, but also from my extended family, my friends at the library.

The library was where I went to read stories and find out information. Today, we can pick up a cell phone and find that same information. But it’s not the same as opening a library book.

I remember going to summer reading programs at the library as a child and trying to read lots of books so I could win prizes.

I attended Girl Scout meetings at the library on Saturday mornings. While I didn’t enjoy getting up early on Saturdays, I loved going to the library. I loved seeing all the colorful books and being the first to read one. There were several I checked out many, many times and never tired of reading. I loved seeing what new stories I could discover and the fun I could have reading about someone interesting.

As an adult, my appreciation of the library has only grown. I have seen the service it provides to our community, something that is so valuable that a dollar amount can’t come close to describing it.

Libraries are where people learn, where they meet new friends, where they grow as people and where a wealth of knowledge waits for the taking.

And it’s free.

I have heard talk about the library moving for several years. I had hoped it would come to fruition, and that moment is finally here. I’m glad Elaine Munday, the former director at the library, is finally seeing one of her dreams come true.

The same goes for all the library staff members who, I’m sure, have longed for a bigger meeting room, more space for computers and a larger break room.

And while it is sad to see the library move, I realize how badly a new building is needed. Change is sometimes hard, but in the long run can be really good.

The community should tip its hat to library board members, current and past, for planning such a beautiful new building and being so conscious of spending taxpayer money. The library hasn’t yet had to borrow money to pay for the new building.

The new library is a gift to the community. Yes, our tax dollars are paying for the renovation of the building, but the return on our investment is invaluable.

I only hope children today love the library as I do, as a place where anything is possible and you never run out of stories.