Did you know?

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By The Staff

Did you know the following facts about Kentucky libraries?

-There are 4,298 computer terminals in Kentucky's public libraries.

-The public library is the primary institution that bridges the digital divide in our communities.

-Nine times as many people entered Kentucky public libraries as attended men's and women's basketball and men's football games (2006 season) at UK, UL, KSU, EKU, WKU and MSU combined.

- The cost per person for library materials in Kentucky public libraries is $3.27, roughly the same as a McDonald's Big Mac and fries.

-Sixteen million people entered Kentucky public libraries, five times the number of horses raised on Kentucky farms.

-Main libraries, branches and bookmobiles total 277.

- Two counties have no library facility but are served by a bookmobile.

-Your tax money is wisely spent and serves a large amount of people in Kentucky. It is a shame for something that reaches so many people to get the least amount of funding from our federal and state government. Write your new governor, your state senator and your state representative and tell them we need more funding for our public libraries.

If we ever hope to build a new library building in Taylor County, we are going to need money to build the type of library our community needs.