Democrats haven't answered the call

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By The Staff

Two years ago this month, then-House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi made a promise to all of us regarding the high price of gasoline. Denouncing the "Republican Rubber Stamp Congress," she stated the Democrats had a plan to stop the spiraling cost of gasoline at the pump by "cracking down on price gouging, rolling back the billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies, tax breaks and royalty relief given to oil and gas companies, and increasing production of alternative fuels."

When she made this promise, gasoline averaged $2.78 per gallon. For those who haven't had to fill their tanks lately, the current price in Radcliff is $3.43 per gallon. This is projected to increase over the summer to hit between $3.80 and $4 per gallon. So much for her plan!

Based on this promise, among others, the Democrats took power in Congress in January 2007. With that power came the responsibility to govern with President Bush for the common good of all. One only needs to look at our current problems to see the majority party in Congress has fallen far short of the mark.

Rather than reaching across the aisle to show they were worthy of our trust, Speaker Pelosi and her cohorts have continued their guerilla war against President Bush.

Other than following the Marxist dogma of attacking the corporations, what has been done to encourage them to increase domestic production? What new areas were identified and opened for drilling? What was done to make it easier for them to build, open and operate new refineries that we desperately need? What has been done to reduce or eliminate the requirements for specially formulated gasoline so the refineries we have can operate more efficiently?

I can answer all of the above questions with one word: nothing. Speaker Pelosi, you made us all promises, now is the time to keep them. Blaming President Bush for all of life's ills no longer cuts it.

Kenneth L. Randall