A day in YOUR lives

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

Inside today's News-Journal is an exciting special section called "A Day In the Life of Taylor County." I hope you'll set aside time to look at it from cover to cover.

The section is an attempt to document a typical day in our community. We knew that we couldn't do it all by ourselves; there's simply not enough of us here at the newspaper. So we asked for help from local photographers. And they agreed.

As a result, 26 individuals were out in force on Wednesday, May 18 to take a variety of photos.

The hardest part of publishing the special section was choosing the photos. More than a thousand photos were taken, and we had space for fewer than a hundred. I wish we'd had unlimited space because there are some truly awesome photos.

In addition to myself, photographers who participated were CKNJ staff members James Roberts, Calen McKinney, Pat Keefe, Bobby Brockman and Renee Dobson; Kentucky Press Association summer intern Ellen Hittson; former CKNJ staff members Richard RoBards, Stan McKinney, Cheryl Magers and Crystal Anderson; and community members Jesse Carter, Joel Eade, Joan C. McKinney, Maurice Coppock, Wayne Baxter, Terry and Monisa Gardner, Cynthia McCubbin, Natasha Perkins, Chris and Shannon Clark, Terry Brewer, Kaitlyn Benningfield, Anna Scott and Rick Wilson.

Personally, I am grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bagby, who shared a deeply personal part of their lives with me on May 18. Mr. Bagby allowed me to take photos while he was undergoing chemotherapy. He and his wife even talked with me about his battle against cancer - for the second time. I wish him a complete recovery and good health in the future.

Each photographer covered a different aspect of the community - from education, recreation, agriculture and work to religion, health, retail and more.

You'll notice few sports photos in the section, however. That's because all photos were taken on a Wednesday, and if you've lived in our community long enough, you'll know that most sports events take a back seat to church activities on Wednesdays.

In the coming week, we'll also add a slideshow of extra photos to our website. That will be available at www.cknj.com.

In the meantime, if you see any of the participating photographers out in the community, tell them how much you appreciate their work in chronicling YOUR lives.

We hope you'll treasure this very special section for years to come.