Cyber Safety

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By Calen McKinney



They learned about the potential dangers of the Internet and some tips to help keep their children safe while they use it.

Taylor County Sheriff Allen Newton and Detective Brian Pickard presented a free cyber training session last Wednesday at the Taylor County Courthouse. About 25 people attended.

The sheriff's office has purchased Computer COP software that will help parents search their children's computers in an effort to prevent them from looking at inappropriate material or having improper conversations online.

Pickard discussed cyber bullying and how predators reach out to young children. Those who attended the session received a free copy of the Computer COP software.

The sheriff's office purchased 1,000 copies and will give the software to those who attend the training.

Pickard said more sessions will be offered. Dates will be published as they are announced.

For more information about the Computer COP software, see the Sept. 16 issue.