CU students travel to Asia on mission trip

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Rebekah A. Southwood

Campbellsville University

Five Baptist Campus Ministry students from Campbellsville University spent their Christmas and New Year in East Asia presenting the celebration of the true Christmas story to the people in the small city in which they visited.

Graduate student Trevor McWhorter of Campbellsville, senior Rebekah Carl of Houston, Texas, sophomore Devan Bishop of Columbia, sophomore Andrew Neal of Harrodsburg and junior Sarah Scott of Louisville were the mission team.

Carl, the team leader, was on her second mission outreach to East Asia and she aspires to return in the summer.

Carl, speaking at the university's Oasis, Baptist Campus Ministry's weekly student-led worship service Jan. 14, said the mission team's knowledge was transformed by the farther understanding of the true Christmas story.

She said, "This story can be shared here in the United States or overseas and its importance remains."

Sharing the Christmas story was their avenue to sharing the gospel with the numerous lost of East Asia. They helped create prominence to an otherwise inconsequential holiday.

The team encountered various obstacles, including living in a 30 to 40-degree apartment, inability to speak the language, financial expense and food discrepancy between nations, but said they overcame the obstacles and had a life changing experience.