CU professor receives mini-grant

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Samantha Stevenson

Campbellsville University

Dr. Twyla Hernandez, assistant professor in Christian missions at Campbellsville University's School of Theology, has received a mini-grant from the Appalachian College Association.

The mini-grant, valued at $12,000, will be used to prepare CU's campus to receive more local Hispanics by training staff, faculty and administration on the best practices for working with the students and their families.

In addition to the trainings, there will be different events on campus to help Hispanics learn about CU and feel comfortable on campus.

The money must be used for the access, recruitment and/or retention of Hispanic students who live in the United States.

The grant money is available from now until spring 2014.

CU was one of 12 schools that were invited to The Appalachian College Association conference, where they submitted an application for the grant.

Hernandez is a long-time advocate for various types of training and education for Hispanic students. She is the founding director of the Hispanic Baptist Bible Institute.

Hernandez said she is grateful for CU's commitment to international education.

"I am thankful for Campbellsville University's long-standing reputation of meeting the needs of international students.

"This grant will allow us to extend that reputation to the Hispanic students in our local area and throughout the U.S.," she said.