CU offers campus life opportunities through LINC

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By The Staff

Joan C. McKinney

Campbellsville University

Campbellsville University was a little more like home to 137 students who attended CU's first LINC session June 5-6. Another 150 new students will come to LINC on June 27-28.

It's all about information, fellowship, friendliness and personalization as students come to CU during these special two days for orientation when they experience what college life will be like in August.

Josh Anderson, dean of students, said LINC, which stands for "Learn in a New Environment, Invest in Your Future, Navigate Life Change and Connect to CU," helps new students "feel connected and a part of something great - the Campbellsville University family."

"LINC was a true eye opener to all the hard core facts about student life," said Allison Medders, an incoming freshman from Campbellsville. "It was so helpful. They answered all of my questions and more. They did an awesome job of breaking the ice immediately and providing efficient information in a fun way.

"My parents and I both agree that LINC was the best tool for the incoming freshmen. I met many students from across the state and even the United States. I met many people that I have already sparked a friendship with even before classes begin."

Medders' parents are Dr. Alan Medders and his wife, Denise, both of whom are former CU employees. But the table was turned for them at this LINC.

"Having worked at Campbellsville University for six years, we were familiar with the LINC program," Denise Medders said. "However, after attending LINC as the parent of a college freshman, we realized what a wonderful program it is.

"The LINC experience was very informative, yet it was presented in a light-hearted way allowing total interaction between students and parents. We were able to gain a great deal of information and have all of our questions answered throughout the two-day process."

Denise Medders said her daughter was able to spend time with her roommate and get to know her a little better as well as make several new friends.

"She is excited and ready to attend CU, and we feel comfortable with the decision she has made," Denise Medders, who now lives in Alabama, said.

Anderson said the two-day events are times for the students to get involved with the current students, faculty and staff and learn all they can about CU.

Anderson said, while the new families are here, "We provide them with information on student life, financial aid, business services, academic life and academic advising (entering their fall class schedule)."

Anderson said the LINC orientation team this year is made up of "15 outstanding current CU students from every facet of CU - music, art, education, science, athletics, band members, etc."

He said all of them have been successful academically, spiritually, socially and in their extracurricular activities as students, and "They have a heart for helping others do the same.

"These kids are fantastic at relating to students and getting them connected to CU and helping them build their excitement for the coming semester," Anderson said.

Anderson said the culmination of the success of CU's students is their graduation day.

"At these events, we begin to help them create their vision of success (graduation day), and give them the resources and connections necessary to put them in charge of attaining this goal," he said.

There is still time to take advantage of LINC. The next LINC is June 27-28 with another one planned July 17-18.

For more information, contact the Office of Student Services at 789-5005.

- Joan C. McKinney is director of university communications at Campbellsville University.