CU hosts president of Kentucky Baptist Convention

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By Hillary C. Wright

"How much you matter to God." That was the message given by Dr. John Mark Toby, president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, at Campbellsville University's Sept. 9 chapel in Ransdell Chapel.

Toby is also first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of Beacon Hill Baptist Church in Somerset.

Two students from his church, Gencie Taylor and Brandon Todd, are freshmen at Campbellsville University, and each gave student testimonies.

Toby related the story of Zacchaeus from 19:1-10 and highlighted three main points in the story: "No matter how insignificant I feel, Jesus notices me; no matter what other people say, Jesus affirms me; and no matter what I've done, Jesus is with me."

In addition, he emphasized the importance of knowing that Jesus cares for us.

"What society says we base our worth on is totally different from what God says we should base our worth on," Toby said.

"You need to build your self worth on the fact that Jesus loves you, he cares about you, and he's concerned about what's going on in your life. You need to have a life encounter with Christ. When we engage with God, we get more than we ever ask for.

"You have worth and value to God. Jesus knows your name. He's interested in the intricate details of your life. God knows exactly where you are. You may be in a tough place today, but I want you to know that God's got his eyes on you because you matter to God. God has good plans for you. God made you for a reason and a purpose."

Toby also informed the audience of the importance of daily Bible reading.

He ended with a prayer concerning the welfare of the audience.

- Hillary C. Wright is a student news writer at Campbellsville University.