Crusade donations come back here

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By The Staff

Firefighters in the Campbellsville and Taylor County fire departments and their many volunteers will begin collecting for the Crusade for Children fundraising campaign next week.

For the past few years, volunteers have conducted door-to-door collections in a different segment of the county each night in an attempt to reach all households. Those collections start Monday evening and continue through Thursday evening.

In addition, roadblocks are held at major intersections throughout the community on Friday and Saturday and near the fire department on Sunday morning.

This means we all need to drive a little slower and more carefully than usual. Children of all ages volunteer for the fundraising drive, and above all we want to help keep them safe.

It's also a good idea to go ahead and set out our spare change where it's easily accessible while we're driving.

Firefighters have been spearheading the collections for the Crusade for Children for the past 40 years. And they've done a tremendous job.

What's so wonderful about the Crusade is that we usually receive more in grants than we collect. And that benefits our local children.

When firefighters head to Louisville with their collections this year, let's hope our total is higher than ever.