Crusade donations assist local schools

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Firefighters with the Campbellsville and Taylor County fire departments will begin collecting for the Crusade for Children fundraising campaign tomorrow.

Unlike years past, there will be no door-to-door collections, only roadblocks set up at major intersections throughout town.

This means we all need to drive a little slower and more carefully than usual.

It also means we should search our hearts (and our pockets) and give what we can to this worthwhile charity.

Most of the money collected in Taylor County, and often more, comes back to Campbellsville Independent and Taylor County Schools. The money helps fund various programs for students with disabilities. Each district receives an average of $18,000 to $35,000 each year.

Firefighters have been spearheading the collections for the Crusade for Children for the past 40 years. And they have done a tremendous job.

When firefighters head to Louisville with their collections this year, let's hope our total is higher than ever. The more we give, the more our children benefit in the long run.

Local Crusade roadblocks begin at noon and run through dark on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday morning, only one roadblock will be set up - in front of the fire department on Broadway. The roadblock runs from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Those who are unable to donate at a roadblock can call the fire department at 465-4131 to schedule a pick up time for their donation.