Coupons pay off for subscribers

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All in-county subscribers receive coupons.

By Moreland Jeff

You may remember years ago seeing a credit card commercial that touted the phrase, “Membership has its privileges.” That is often true, and one example of that is in being a member, or in this case, a subscriber, to the Central Kentucky News-Journal.

It’s no secret that many consumers are coupon crazy these days, looking for a way to save some money and find a bargain. We at the CKNJ understand that, and we are pleased to be able to help in that process by offering coupons in our Monday edition of the newspaper.
There are times when we receive phone calls from customers who have purchased a newspaper, but found they did not get a set of the coupons that were expected inside, and there’s a good reason for that. The CKNJ receives 4,800 copies of those coupons from SmartSource, the company that manufactures them, and they are inserted into our newspapers. Since we print more newspapers than we receive coupons, it’s obvious we can’t put them in every copy of the paper.
Back to that old phrase, “Membership has its privileges.”  Since we can’t put coupons in every paper, we make it a priority to insert them in the papers of all of our local subscribers first. Additional coupons are then inserted into the papers being sold in local stores and in newspaper racks around the county while supplies last.
To be able to take advantage of those savings, the best option for anyone who wants to be certain to get the coupons is to become a member, or a subscriber to the CKNJ. A one-year subscription for residents of Taylor, Green or Adair counties costs just $47.70. The retail price of purchasing the paper for the entire year is $78, so subscribers can save $30.30 per year. If you are thinking, ‘I just want to buy the Monday paper for the coupons,’ that’s fine. However, you’ll still spend $39 per year just to get the Monday paper, and you’ll miss out on other savings from our customers who place sales bills inside the paper, not to mention the many bargains to be found in the traditional ads in every issue of the CKNJ. Plus, as a subscriber, you don’t have to get out and search for the paper and hope to find coupons inside; it will come directly to your mailbox!
Those savings sound good, but these are even better. After some time of not having them, the CKNJ began to receive SmartSource coupons again in July. Since that time, subscribers have received nearly $1,400 in clipped coupons, which are for grocery and similar items. That doesn’t count other offers featured for even more savings within the SmartSource coupon offerings. Over the course of a full year, those coupon savings will exceed $3,000.
If you’re looking for a bargain, there can’t be one much better than spending $47.70 one time each year, getting all the news and advertising from your local community, and receiving thousands of dollars in coupons delivered to your door.