County votes to take over E-911 and let City handle Rescue

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By Calen McKinney

Magistrates voted Monday night to have the County take over E-911 service and have the City provide Rescue services for the entire county.

However, the City hasn’t yet offered to do that. In fact, just last week the City sent a letter to the County asking to extend the agreement that has the City handling all Rescue services and the County providing $650,000 toward that.

Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers said if the City responds by offering to let the County operate both Rescue and E-911, the County would accept.

Rogers said: “It is time that the City and the County take ownership of the entities that they have agreed to be responsible for and provide the services for all citizens of Taylor County, without any additional contribution from either entity.”

See Thursday's issue of the CKNJ for the full story.