County should make best choice

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By The Staff

At Monday night's County budget meeting, magistrates said they planned to consider holding off on giving pay raises to County employees this year. They all said they felt that would be best.

While that's likely not considered a positive to those employees involved, it should be to the rest of the community.

Workers across the community, the state and even the nation are having to bite the economic recession bullet. Those who still have jobs are grateful every day - or should be.

However, at Tuesday's Fiscal Court meeting, those same magistrates approved a raise for County Clerk Mark Carney's staff. While we're sure those employees are grateful, that leads the way for magistrates to give other County workers a similar raise - even though they said it would be best not to.

Many American workers are experiencing furloughs and even layoffs, both temporary and permanent. And if not getting a raise for a couple years helps minimize that risk, then that's what needs to be done.

When times are tough, we all have to tighten our belts - and that means governments, too.

Employees of City government didn't get a raise this past year, yet County workers still received a 3 percent pay increase. We didn't understand that decision then, and we still don't.

That's why we believed Monday's news that magistrates were considering reigning in expenses as good news. But now it looks as if they may have changed their minds.

Hopefully, the economy will pick up soon and we'll all be better off. But until then, we've got to economize where we can.

And if forgoing raises helps to save jobs, then that's what needs to be done.