County School Board doesn't have our children in mind

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By The Staff

The Taylor County School Board is trying to make us think they have our children's best interest in mind, when it's really their vanity that they have in mind.

If they have our children in mind, why did they turn down the state about five years ago when they offered to build a new elementary school at no cost to the county? It was because a new elementary school would not get them a new gym, football field, track and other things that they could brag about in front of everyone.

The best time to get our children interested in learning is when they are the youngest, which is in the elementary years when they are wanting to learn. If they are given the best, most up-to-date supplies when they are young, they will be interested in learning, and they will want to keep on learning in the upper grades. But if they get bored in school in the lower grades, all they will want to do is just enough to get by with in the upper grades.

Taylor County does not qualify for a new high school, but we do qualify for a new elementary school.

It looks like we need to clean house at the school board and get people who are interested in the education of our children. If they want to brag, then brag about how well our children are educated.

It is my understanding that the school board has a [bonding capacity] of over $10 million that they could use in building a new school, and if the state will still match it, that would go a long way toward building a new elementary school and supplying it to educate our children the way they should be educated.

James Beck


Editor's Note: According to Taylor County Superintendent Roger Cook, the Kentucky Department of Education has never offered to fund the cost of building a new elementary school in Taylor County.