Countdown to Christmas

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By Calen McKinney


Judging by the crowds on Black Friday, the Christmas season is now in full swing. And there are plenty of events right here in Taylor County to help put you in the Christmas mood.

I got to Walmart at about 11:15 p.m. Thanksgiving night. This wasn't my first Black Friday, so I knew what to expect.

People waiting in line with lawn chairs in tow (check). No parking spaces (check).

Shoppers who looked completely lost and unaware of where their favorite items were or even where to get in line (check). Some people I know waiting eight hours to get a good bargain on a television set (check).

At midnight, the black plastic covering the sale items went flying. Despite my anticipation that the scene might get ugly, the crowd seemed pretty tame this year.

Black Friday, at least for me, brings about excitement of the upcoming Christmas season. It starts the process of getting out the Christmas tree and decorations and playing those Christmas CDs again.

It's also the day some people go a bit mad. Waiting eight hours for a good deal on a television? I'll pass myself, though it made for some interesting photos and conversation. To each his own.

I'm also a bit concerned about the entrances to Walmart. Since KY 210 was widened earlier this year, it seems the intersection could become even more dangerous.

Let's hope the powers that be discuss installing a traffic light by the entrance to Walmart near Green River Cinema 6.

But even before Black Friday, on the night before Thanksgiving, is the lighting of the Christmas lights at Miller Park. I have always enjoyed this.

Christmas lights are what really put me in the Christmas mood. And the lights at the park this year are bigger and better than the ones from last year.

Elizabethtown, eat your heart out.

Also at the lighting ceremony is the announcement of the Santa's Helper award recipient. This year, the award went to the well-deserving Will and Geri Stephens.

I've written several stories about the Stephenses over the years. They are truly wonderful people who have given their time, money and dedication to helping those who are less fortunate. They truly are Santa's Helpers.

And for those who aren't quite in the Christmas spirit yet, the Campbellsville University Christmas Tapestry concert is tomorrow night.

If you haven't been to this concert before, you truly don't know what you are missing. The entire CU music family combines to showcase its talent.

There are always some serious moments and even a bit of comic relief, so be sure to come to Ransdell Chapel tomorrow at 7 p.m. But get there early - seats go fast.

And on Saturday is another chance to have your picture taken with Santa Claus. He will be at Chandler's from 4 to 6 p.m. just before the Christmas parade. You can bring your pets if you are brave enough. I know I'm not.

The parade begins at 6 p.m. I remember having lots of fun marching in the parade as part of the Campbellsville High School band. It's always fun to gather and celebrate the upcoming holiday.

Lowell Avenue Baptist Church will again have a live nativity at Miller Park starting each evening at 6:30 on Dec. 16-22.

And these events are just the tip of the Christmas iceberg. The best part about all of these events ... they are all free, except for the photos with Santa, and some of those proceeds go to the Campbellsville Renaissance/Historic Preservation Commission. Can't beat that.