Consider all the aspects

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By The Staff

We've got a bit of an oxymoron between today's Front page and the Opinion page.

On the one hand, we have a feature story about the animal shelter and its no-fee adoption policy. However, this page features a letter to the editor from a woman cautioning us about bringing home pets at this time of the year.

Obviously, adopting a pet is a huge responsibility, and parents who plan to give their children a pet need to make sure they - and their children - are truly prepared for that extra responsibility.

Shelter director John Harris suggested that those who think they might like a pet could come by the shelter and volunteer for a few hours. That would give them some experience in dealing with animals.

That's not a bad idea.

Our shelter cares for an average of 60-70 animals each day. That totals up to a lot of irresponsibility.

Think about it: there wouldn't be any animals at the shelter at all if all of us were responsible pet owners. And while the adoption rate has doubled since the no-fee policy began, there are still animals that end up with no home at all and are eventually put to death.

Harris says there have been months when as few as two animals were euthanized. However, there have been weeks with as many as 15 to 20.

There are photos of some awfully cute animals on today's Front page. Consider taking one of them home ... but consider ALL aspects of your decision.

And then do what's right.