Conservation district has equipment available for public use

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Taylor County Conservation District has three pieces of equipment to lease to landowners in Taylor County to help them implement their conservation practices.

The Haybuster grass and grain drill is ideal for pasture renovations, small grain seeding, solid stand beans, alfalfa, clovers, grasses and wildlife habitat establishments.

The drill plants up to three different seeds simultaneously without mixing and can apply fertilizer as it seeds. The 10-foot Haybuster grass drill also has an attachment for native warm season grass plantings. The drill can be rented for a cost of $7 per acre with a minimum charge of $25.

The lime spreader is an eight-ton Chandler model. At least a 70 horsepower tractor will work on level ground, however, on rolling ground, an 80 horsepower tractor is necessary.

It is very important not to overload the spreader for safety reasons.  The district's lime spreader cannot be taken to a quarry to be filled with lime. Cost for the lime spreader is $2 per ton with a minimum charge of $25.

The 10-foot wide Aer-Way aerator requires at least a 70 horsepower tractor and costs $7 per acre with a minimum charge of $50.

The aerator opens the soil to air, light, water and nutrients. It has been proven that the use of an aerator in late winter or early spring on corn ground will reduce wetness and speed the increase of ground temperature, allowing farmers to no-till earlier.

The aerator is also highly recommended for use in pasture renovation. It reduces compaction and allows seed to soil contact with only minimum soil disturbance, therefore increasing germination rates with little to no erosion.

For more information concerning the rental of the equipment, contact the Taylor County Conservation District, located at 1105 S. Columbia Ave., or call 465-8554 Ext. 3.