This community cares about others

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By The Staff

It's one thing to contribute time or money to a fundraiser. It's another to go without - just like the people you're trying to help.

Nearly 70 students last week went without food for 30 hours. That's a long time - especially for growing teenagers.

These teens were trying to raise money to help put a stop to world hunger. And raise money is just what they did - enough to feed more than 80 children for an entire year.

But, if you'll notice today's Front Page and today's Calendar Page, you'll also see other groups that are trying to do something about hunger and homelessness.

Elk Horn Baptist Church is now hosting a free soup kitchen each Monday for anyone who needs a meal. And, this Friday, Campbellsville University students and others will spend the night in cardboard boxes as they try to raise money for Green River Ministries.

All of this tells us that this community cares about others.

And that's what makes it a great place to live.