CKNJ settling in to its new home

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By Moreland Jeff


To paraphrase a song from one of my favorite artists, Bob Seger, we packed up our bags and we took off down the road.

The Central Kentucky News-Journal moved to a new location earlier this month, and while we aren't finished, things are starting to feel like home.

Like any good move, we had a plan. Also like any move, there were things that were unexpected. And now, with the move mostly complete, we have some boxes that are not unpacked and things that aren't where they belong, but we're getting there.

The News-Journal had been at its old location for more than 30 years, and for most of that time, the Woodlawn Avenue location was a good fit. It had plenty of space for everyone, and it came along with more than ample storage. But recently, we realized we could do with less space, along with a more modern building, so here we at our new home, located at 200 Albion Way. If you don't know where that is, just travel along Broadway and turn between Best Donut and Citizens Bank and Trust Co. You'll see us on the right, just past Super 8 Motel, in the former offices of the Osborne-Humphress Realty Co.

Our big moving day was Oct. 9. At least that was when the movers came to do the heavy work. Our staff members all put in plenty of sweat and elbow grease before that to get things done, including packing smaller boxes of personal items from their desks, cleaning and painting furniture and much more. All of that happened while we kept on putting out each issue of the newspaper.

Everything went pretty smoothly with the movers, although we did have one hiccup that we didn't expect. Our safe, which is huge and looks like something out of an old western on TV, was a bit heavier than we realized. It was estimated that it weighed around 1,000 pounds, and we had to have it moved with special equipment beyond the muscle of our movers.

We've now been in our new office for three weeks, and to be honest, it seems like just a few days. Everything is pretty much where it belongs, though we have a little straightening to do before we invite company over.

Speaking of having company, that's what we have planned for Thursday, Nov. 7. The CKNJ will host a special grand opening celebration, and all of Taylor County is invited to stop by, say hello and take a look around. The Campbellsville/Taylor County Chamber of Commerce will be on hand for a ceremonial ribbon cutting as the party begins at 10 a.m.

The celebration will run until 2 p.m. and we will have light refreshments and door prizes. The drawing for door prizes will take place shortly after 2 p.m.

Stop by our new office and say hello. We'll be glad to see you!